Remote Presenter

Having discussions on presentation slides via phone? Having round-table meetings where everybody wants to show his one own slide? Then you might know some of the following scenarios:

  • „How can I show you the slides“ – „Oh, send them by mail.“ – „Have they arrived yet?“ – „Which slide are you viewing right now?“ – „Page 23 or Slide 23? Or the one labelled ’23‘?“
  • „Could you pass me the VGA cable for the projector?“ – „How do I make this computer show the image?“ – „Maybe I can show my slide first?“ – „Why doesn’t it work with my adapter? Is the projector broken?“

I wrote a tiny tool that can handle these situations – A webpage where you can upload your PDF or images, and everybody connected sees the same slides, can select slides for a ‚private‘ view, select slides to show to everybody else. Works with ‚any‘ web browser, no special tools required on the users‘ end. E.g. open the website on the main presentation PC, and all people in the meeting can control slides using their mobile devices.

As usual, the code can be found on github: Just 15 kByte of code that might save a lot of time during meetings.